Madhesh Needs Afforestation - Suresh Mandal Global Warming Challenges Human Lives

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Manoj banaita

Siraha, April 10 : "Change in Climate is the environmental challenge of this generation, and it is imperative that we act before it's too late.", said Suresh Mandal, the state minister of province -2. In a 'Dust bin' distribution programme organized by District Forest Office Siraha, minister Mandal stated so. A dozen of Dust Bin were setup in Lahan's Ra.U. Ma Memorial hospital by Madal.


After the cleaniness programme Mr. Mandal said ," Good hygiene or cleanliness is a basic requirement for good health. The importance becomes much more in a hospital setting, where sick people come to restore their health. Hospitals provide cure for all types of sickness of the people. But, they also become a potential source of spread of infection if people concerned are not vigilant enough." He added that the infection can spread from one patient to another, from patient to doctor or nurse.

Hence it is important for all concerned to be aware of these infections and take utmost precautions to prevent them. In the case of a hospital, it is even more vital to constantly keeping up a clean environment. With patients always entering and leaving the hospital, keeping a clean environment helps to ensure that disease doesn’t spread. He suggested the incharge of the hospital, Dr. Sunil Kushwaha to let people use the bin properly. By Changing the topic, Mr Madal said that the disaster occurred in Bara is caused by climate change. So, people of province 2 must be thoughtful for plantation.


He, further, said that we should plant at least one sapling on the occasion of our birthday and anniversary which will be memorable as well as a big contribution to the nature. He said ," There is an undeniable fact that trees are important for maintaining life. There are two key ideas persuading why planting trees is important. Plants help to build up the variety of creatures in this biodiversity.


These animals are tectonic to human life as we are living with nature. Forests and jungles also hold a big role throughout the ecosystem. They protect farmlands and villagers from floods and supply us with wood and other types of items." In the programme, Upendra Prasad Patel, Chief of District Forest Office Siraha, Section officers -Amrendra Yadav, Raj Kumar Thakur, Ram Bhagat Yadav, Birendra Kumar Yadav, Ranger- Kishor Kumar Chaudhary, Central Member of RAJAPA Nepal Kishori Yadav, Rakesh Jha, Lahan municipal president of RAJAPA- Shatrudhan Mandal, Central Secretary of Press Front Nepal- Birendra (Biru) Yadav, Central member- Gopal Gupta, Youth leader- Manoj (Manje) Yadav, Municipal President of Forum Nepal- Dinesh Mahato etc. gave their speech on cleaniness and forestation.

प्रतिक्रिया दिनुहोस

सम्बन्धित शीर्षकहरु

सम्पूर्ण समाचार

नेपाली कांग्रेस क्षेत्र नम्बर २ सिरहाका समितिले मनाए विपी स्मृती दिवस

रोयाण्टर मण्डलसुखीपुर (सिरहा) / नेपाली कांग्रेस  क्षेत्र नम्बर २ सिरहाका समितिले ३७ औं विपी स्मृती दिव

सुखीपुरका व्यवसायीहरु पनि भीसीटीएसको बिरोधमा उत्रिए

रोयाण्टर मण्डलसुखीपुर (सिरहा) / सरकारले ल्याएको ऐन, नियम र कानून तथा प्रावधानहरु अव्यवहारिक भएको भन्दै सिर

बरियारपट्टी गाउँपालिकाको बजेट ४१ करोड ३४ लाख

रोयाण्टर मण्डल / कृष्ण मोहन चौधरी / हरिपति लाल कर्ण / विपी भुवन  सुखीपुर (सिरहा) /   ‘कृषि , शिक्षा, पु

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