Massive Storm Kills 32 In Bara, Hundreds of People Are Injured Massive Storm Kills 32 In Bara, Hundreds of People Are Injured

  • प्रकाशित मितिः चैत्र 18, 2075
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Manoj Banaita

Siraha: 32 people have died and multiple structures have been damaged or destroyed in severe weather that hit in Bara and Parsa of Southern Nepal(Madhesh). Ahead of a strong line of storms expected to make its way in Madhesh. Severe weather cells popped up Sunday evening. Hundreds of people are injured. More than 1000 people have been displaced. A massive storm has severely damaged crops and tiled roofs of Bara and Parsa district. People in Bara have suffered damage due to the storm of enormous magnitude that hit the region at a time when the locals had started recuperating from the deteriorating conditions caused by the devastating storm last evening. It would take some days to work out the loss incurred in the catastrophe, the Bara District Police Office informed. The storm was called “the biggest catastrophe in Madhesh history” by local. The DSP of District headquarters, stated that the number of death can be more. The storm is somewhat of an annual event during this month in the region. It destroyed many people, property and crops, and leaving many without food.

प्रतिक्रिया दिनुहोस

सम्बन्धित शीर्षकहरु

सम्पूर्ण समाचार

नेपाली कांग्रेस क्षेत्र नम्बर २ सिरहाका समितिले मनाए विपी स्मृती दिवस

रोयाण्टर मण्डलसुखीपुर (सिरहा) / नेपाली कांग्रेस  क्षेत्र नम्बर २ सिरहाका समितिले ३७ औं विपी स्मृती दिव

सुखीपुरका व्यवसायीहरु पनि भीसीटीएसको बिरोधमा उत्रिए

रोयाण्टर मण्डलसुखीपुर (सिरहा) / सरकारले ल्याएको ऐन, नियम र कानून तथा प्रावधानहरु अव्यवहारिक भएको भन्दै सिर

बरियारपट्टी गाउँपालिकाको बजेट ४१ करोड ३४ लाख

रोयाण्टर मण्डल / कृष्ण मोहन चौधरी / हरिपति लाल कर्ण / विपी भुवन  सुखीपुर (सिरहा) /   ‘कृषि , शिक्षा, पु

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