Agreement Between Dr. Raut and Government Brought Tsunami in Nepal Politics Agreement Between Dr. Raut and Government Brought Tsunami in Nepal Politics

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 Manoj Banaita

Siraha: The Supreme Court ordered to release Free Madhes coordinator Dr. CK Raut of Alliance for Independent Madhes in a general date. Dr. Raut renounced his secessionist campaign in a function organised at City Hall in Kathmandu on Friday. After the verdict passed by the supreme court, the programme had been organized by the government. Authorities of Nepal government released him by stating that there was lack of evidence and FIR against him. Just after his releasement, a joint press meeting held in the presence of Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa signed the agreement on behalf of the government. Dr. Raut had been arrested in Rautahat on October 7, 2018, on the charge of treason. He was in judicial custody for months allegedly running a secessionist movement in Tarai-Madhesh, announced his departure from the Free Madhes Movement during a joint address with Oli. According to the official, the Prime Minister’s Office had been in negotiations with Raut for many days. A leader of Free Madhesh campaign in Lahan, Sudip Raj Kushwaha says that Since Dr. Raut released, the Tsunami has been seeun in the politics of Nepal. particularly, Madhesh centered leaders are in the fear for their existence. They are in the trap of inferior complexity. So, they are being seen in very furious state of mind in the social sites like facebook, what's app etc.

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सम्बन्धित शीर्षकहरु

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नेपाली कांग्रेस क्षेत्र नम्बर २ सिरहाका समितिले मनाए विपी स्मृती दिवस

रोयाण्टर मण्डलसुखीपुर (सिरहा) / नेपाली कांग्रेस  क्षेत्र नम्बर २ सिरहाका समितिले ३७ औं विपी स्मृती दिव

सुखीपुरका व्यवसायीहरु पनि भीसीटीएसको बिरोधमा उत्रिए

रोयाण्टर मण्डलसुखीपुर (सिरहा) / सरकारले ल्याएको ऐन, नियम र कानून तथा प्रावधानहरु अव्यवहारिक भएको भन्दै सिर

बरियारपट्टी गाउँपालिकाको बजेट ४१ करोड ३४ लाख

रोयाण्टर मण्डल / कृष्ण मोहन चौधरी / हरिपति लाल कर्ण / विपी भुवन  सुखीपुर (सिरहा) /   ‘कृषि , शिक्षा, पु

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