Foreign employment fraud: Govt receives 2,129 complaints in one year

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  • Published Date: Jul 24,2018

Kathmandu, July 24/ The Department of Foreign Employment says it has received as many as 2,129 complaints about fraud cases with assurances of foreign employment in the recently concluded fiscal year 2017/18 (from mid-July 2017 to mid-July 2018).

The complainants have claimed that they have been deceived of Rs 1.522 billion in total.

In the previous year, the number of complaints was more than the number recorded in 2017/18. However, the amount the victims were defrauded of is significantly more in the later year. In 2016/17, the money that the victims they claimed to have lost was just Rs 758 million.

Of total 2,129 complaints, 1,109 were against recruitment agents and middlemen whereas 1,020 were against recruitment companies, according to the Department’s spokesperson Uddhav Rijal.

The alleged victims have demanded that they be given back Rs 753.7 million from the middlemen and Rs 768.3 million from the companies.

The Department, however, has been successful in reclaiming Rs 201.9 million only, according to the Department. Of this amount, Rs 152.5 million was reclaimed from middlemen and Rs 49.5 million from the agencies.

A total of 1,023 complaints have been settled without any formal trial.

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