Province 2 government says it is worried about kidnapped child

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  • Published Date: Jul 24,2018

Kathmandu, July 24/ Province 2 minister for internal affairs and law Gyanendra Yadav has said the province government is serious about the status of Ankit Shah who was abducted from Jeetpur of Simara Sub Metropolis-7 one and half months ago. Talking to RSS, the minister said the government was serious about rescuing the child safely. The nine- year-old child was kidnapped on June 5.

"Talks are underway with the high level security body in the province to find possible ways for bringing back the child safely," he said.

According to him, the police administration is closer to the incident. As stated by province 2 deputy inspector general of police, Dinesh Amatya, police have already arrested the man who first picked the child while later was playing near his house and the province government sought help from the central police administration to deal with the case effectively. A squad from the Kathmandu few days ago arrested two people from the Sikta Bazar, India, on the suspicion of their involvement in the kidnapping and investigations into the case are underway. However, police refused to disclose their names, bearing in mind its influence on investigation process.

Lalan Yadav, father of the child, had reportedly paid a ransom of Rs 1.5 million to the kidnappers in the hope of getting his son back safely, without informing to the police.

The family was initially was demanded Rs 10 million by kidnappers who promised the safe release of his child provided that he paid the price. Shortly after receiving the amount, mobile phone number from which he had received the call was switched-off.

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