Unhealthy Competition in Lahan Drives The Students To Other Cities

Unhealthy Competition in Lahan Drives The Students To Other Cities

  • Published Date: Mar 26,2019

Manoj Karn

Principal LMC College

Lahan Lahan, 26 March: Every year majority of SEE passed students shift from Lahan for their quality education. Most of them make Kathmandu as their further destination whereas few choose Biratnagar. The depth of reality of migrating SEE students to search other cities, is unhealthy and unfair competition here. To check this problematic issues of the Colleges at Lahan need to compete fairly. There should be healthy competition . The word "competition" fuels energy, action, persistence…. nervousness, impulsivity…selfishness, anger & conflict, disruption of relationships Or in some cases, intense turmoil to a person’s psyche. Competition has trickled into every possible stream (or even brook) of our lives, educational courses, romantic partners, attractive looks, kitty parties….the range is very wide…and seemingly endless. There are many drawbacks of unhealthy competition. It is no discovery that competition looms large upon us. How large though? Is there an end to it? Do we ever ‘outgrow competition’ and get over it? Only thing, each of us has our own definition of what ‘survival’ is. Does survival mean outdoing everybody on every sphere of activity ? “Of course not. We know the limits, obviously we do…” Do we? Do we really understand where to draw the line? Is there a threshold beyond which our approach shifts from competition to collaboration? Do we perform the balancing our acts ? Well, there are some of us who do and beautifully so…, whereas some of us have difficulty navigating through this one. The happiness of sharing…the time we understand that perhaps it is not so bad to grow and develop together. The founders of Lahan Colleges must think that The moment they think, ‘They must do better than others !!’, an immediate fall out is “therefore, They CANNOT do better than others .” If indeed, they end up doing better than anyone , the next thought that arises in a by now dejected and indignant other is, “WHY? JUST HOW are they doing better than others ?” Life is subsequently negative for most of us who engage in this battle. We are then subject to the effects of negativity, so let’s get to understand them now… Let’s muse over this together. Let’s explore the world of unhealthy competition. This is a direct consequence of the “battle of egos”. Every event in a battle is important right? So every event that unfurls with respect to our competitor catches our attention and arrests our thoughts. Every such event becomes a ‘knock-out’ opportunity. Slowly, minor instances begin to gain utmost importance. So, let's be together to discourage our migrating SEE bath of 2075-76 .

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