Female Farmers of Siraha Attract Towards Pulse (Mausri) Farming

Female Farmers of Siraha Attract Towards Pulse (Mausri) Farming

  • Published Date: Mar 25,2019

Manoj Banaita

Lahan, March 25 : The female farmers of Siraha are highly attracted towards red lentils which is also called Mausri Dal in Madhesh. They are targeting the latest food security drive seeking to promote the production of Mausri Dal. IFAD, ICARDA and Forward Nepal support the farmers for the seed and say lentils ( Mausri Dal) take shorter periods and have higher returns compared to other grains which has lately been threatened by pests including worms. These organizations are working to encourage the farmers of Siraha for lentils farming. They organise many exhibitions across Siraha district to woo farmers to cultivate pulses. “We are working to boost production in the coming year, to achieve food security and create prosperity through trade and value addition,” said Sangita Devi Sah, Sunita Devi Sah, Bindeshwori Devi Yadav and Dambar Narayan Yadav. Studies have shown that the development of Mausri Dal is amazing even in low rainfall.

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