Central Council Meetings of AIM start in Lahan

Central Council Meetings of AIM start in Lahan

  • Published Date: Mar 17,2019

Manoj Banaita

Lahan, March 17 : -- The meetings of the Alliance for Independent Madhesh (AIM) Central Council started on Sunday in Marawadi Sewa Sadan of Lahan City. The two-day meetings started with the quorum check and approving the agenda, said a member of AIM . It is said that the members of 23 district of Nepal has been invited for this Central Council. The meeting is kept under discipline. Citizenship is compulsory for Participants . Moibile phones are not allowed inside the meeting hall. Members said that the meetings will focus on implementation of mechanisms for its decisions, including the future planning along with the strengthening measures of the organization. The eleven point agreements had been made between the government and the Coordinator of Alliance for Independent Madhes CK Raut. After the agreement, AIM withdrew its demand for separate state.

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