Siraha Police Seized 30 Cubic ft. Illegally kept Timber

  • Manoj Banaita
  • Published Date: Feb 24,2019

Siraha, 24th February/ A police squad led under the command by the sub inspector, Chandra Narayan Yadav from A.P.O Lahan has confiscated a large amount of illegal timber from Lahan 18. With the help of a secret information, police had searched the house of Ismaail Miya.

Police confiscated a large number of illegal logs from the house of Miya. The squad seized 30 cubic feet of logs which were hidden in a room.

The market price of those raw logs is estimated to be higher. Confiscated timber has been sent to the District Forest Office Lahan. According to the locals, timber smuggling goes unchecked in Siraha due to the negligence and carelessness of the security personnel. "It is very easy for the smugglers to steal timber,” said one of the locals, adding, "When those entrusted with the responsibility to control and monitor such illegal acts turn blind eye to this, nothing can be done."

According to him, smugglers especially during night, have been using tractors for transporting timber from one place to another. As per the sources, dozens of wood mills in the border area receive a large number of illegal timber. "Staff of the mill buy the illegal wood and then sell them in various parts of the country including India," said a source seeking for anonymity.

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