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  • Mayor of Lahan: Vows Much, Does Nothing

    Manoj Banaita Lahan, 26 March : First rule of leadership is "everything is your fault." but it is not in the case of lahan. Muni Sah, the mayor of Lahan, does not try to accept his fault rather he tries to spend his time for false means. It is said “A leader is best when people barely know he exists, not so good when people obey and acclaim him, worse when they despise him. But of a good leader who talks little when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: We did it ourselves.” The condition of Lahan is worsening day by day due to lack of good leadership. There is high

    • Publish Date July 10, 1962
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  • Hooking Kills a Woman in Siraha

    Manoj Banaita Siraha,  - A woman was electrocuted when she came in touch of a naked wire. The deceased has been identified by the police of Dhangadhi as Hajara Khatun (35) of Dhangadhimai -2. Khatun was electrocuted while trying to touch the power wire.   According to the officials, Khatun's neighbour Ali Hussain had left the hooking wire naked which caused her death. Hussain had hooked the electricity for watering the plant. A local says, " Hussain threw the deceased khatun's body to her home after a shock." Dead body of Khatun had taken to Ram Kumar Uma Pra

    • Publish Date June 8, 1962
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  • Police arrested a person with drugs in Siraha

    Manoj Banaita Siraha, February 24 Nepal police arrested a person in Siraha for carrying drugs. Dipendra Kumar Mandal, 19, a resident of Lahan -8 of Siraha was arrested for bringing drugs secretly. The drugs were found in his bags during the search. Mandal was arrested with 30 tablets of nitravet, 9 injections of phenergan, Diejilab 9 and 9 injection of Nuphrene. DSP Madhav Raj Kharel says, " The arrested Mandal is in Police custody in Lahan and further investigation is in progress."

    • Publish Date June 6, 1962
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  • Mittraan da Dhaba restaurant review: Punjab on a platter

    Kathmandu, July 24/ One of my fondest memories from my time in India is travelling state to state on busses. Those journies did take time, but I got to witness different cultures. The best thing about those visits was that I got to try different types of food. Of all the food I tried, the best was prepared at the local Punjabi dhabas on the highways of northern India. Dining with bus/truck drivers while listening to their stories is an experience I will always cherish. What I liked the most about these people was that they knew where to eat. While the bus stopped at a restaurant on the highwa

    • Publish Date November 9, 1961
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  • Zhong Hua Restaurant Review: Taste of China comes to Thamel

    Kathmandu, July 24/ With more tourists coming to Nepal from its northern neighbour every year, many Chinese restaurants have popped up around the city. Most of them are in Thamel, an area which has now become a hub even for Chinese tourists. These restaurants aren’t only popular among the Chinese, but are also famous among Nepalis who have developed a keen taste for food from the Middle Kingdom. To experience why Chinese eateries are so famous, I head to Zhong Hua restaurant located in Thamel. The restaurant was opened in 2014 by Xiaobing who came to Nepal in 2013. After seeing a s

    • Publish Date November 9, 1961
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  • Province 2 government says it is worried about kidnapped child

    Kathmandu, July 24/ Province 2 minister for internal affairs and law Gyanendra Yadav has said the province government is serious about the status of Ankit Shah who was abducted from Jeetpur of Simara Sub Metropolis-7 one and half months ago. Talking to RSS, the minister said the government was serious about rescuing the child safely. The nine- year-old child was kidnapped on June 5. "Talks are underway with the high level security body in the province to find possible ways for bringing back the child safely," he said. According to him, the police administration is closer to the incident

    • Publish Date November 9, 1961
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    • Madheshspecial

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