• Massive Storm Kills 32 In Bara, Hundreds of People Are Injured

    Manoj Banaita Siraha: 32 people have died and multiple structures have been damaged or destroyed in severe weather that hit in Bara and Parsa of Southern Nepal(Madhesh). Ahead of a strong line of storms expected to make its way in Madhesh. Severe weather cells popped up Sunday evening. Hundreds of people are injured. More than 1000 people have been displaced. A massive storm has severely damaged crops and tiled roofs of Bara and Parsa district. People in Bara have suffered damage due to the storm of enormous magnitude that hit the region at a time when the locals had started recuperating from

    • Publish Date July 16, 1962
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  • Female Farmers of Siraha Attract Towards Pulse (Mausri) Farming

    Manoj Banaita Lahan, March 25 : The female farmers of Siraha are highly attracted towards red lentils which is also called Mausri Dal in Madhesh. They are targeting the latest food security drive seeking to promote the production of Mausri Dal. IFAD, ICARDA and Forward Nepal support the farmers for the seed and say lentils ( Mausri Dal) take shorter periods and have higher returns compared to other grains which has lately been threatened by pests including worms. These organizations are working to encourage the farmers of Siraha for lentils farming. They organise many exhibitions across Sirah

    • Publish Date July 9, 1962
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  • Lahan Festival Plans To Boost Tourism

    Manoj banaita Yadav Lahan : Lahan Festival has commenced in town planning area which is at the back of Pashupati High School Lahan from 25th Chaitra. The festival — organised by Lahan Municipality — will be annual event organised around the theme, Lahan’s Pride and Dignified Presentation. Defence Minister Ishwor Pokharel will inaugurate a procession as a precursor to the festival by lightening candle and cutting ribbon. The procession made a round of town planning area. Various organisations are about to participate in the procession. Various seminars on agriculture, educati

    • Publish Date July 9, 1962
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  • Betelnut smuggling up, Pick up-Van Under Police Charge

    Manoj Banaita Siraha : A police team of Siraha confiscated betel nuts from a pick-up van. The van was taken under controlled on Ziromile- Bariyarpatti highway of Dhangadhi Mai municipality. The driver along with the van (sa 1 cha 1598) is under inspection. With the help of a secret information, police came in action and checked the van. According to police, the van loaded with betelnut, cardamom, kerosene etc. DSP Madhav Raj Kharel says "the investigation is going on." Betel nuts are first imported from third countries and then are smuggled into India. The customs department has hiked taxes

    • Publish Date June 24, 1962
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  • Police arrested a person with drugs in Siraha

    Manoj Banaita Siraha, February 24 Nepal police arrested a person in Siraha for carrying drugs. Dipendra Kumar Mandal, 19, a resident of Lahan -8 of Siraha was arrested for bringing drugs secretly. The drugs were found in his bags during the search. Mandal was arrested with 30 tablets of nitravet, 9 injections of phenergan, Diejilab 9 and 9 injection of Nuphrene. DSP Madhav Raj Kharel says, " The arrested Mandal is in Police custody in Lahan and further investigation is in progress."

    • Publish Date June 6, 1962
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  • Siraha Police Seized 30 Cubic ft. Illegally kept Timber

    Siraha, 24th February/ A police squad led under the command by the sub inspector, Chandra Narayan Yadav from A.P.O Lahan has confiscated a large amount of illegal timber from Lahan 18. With the help of a secret information, police had searched the house of Ismaail Miya. Police confiscated a large number of illegal logs from the house of Miya. The squad seized 30 cubic feet of logs which were hidden in a room. The market price of those raw logs is estimated to be higher. Confiscated timber has been sent to the District Forest Office Lahan. According to the locals, timber smuggling goes unchec

    • Publish Date June 6, 1962
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    • Manoj Banaita
  • Police seized a total of 17 kg marijuana in rural municipality Balan Bihul

    Saptari, 23rd february/ Belhi police seized two packets of marijuana in Saptari . Police had planned an ambush in the border area to capture the smugglers after they received the information about drug peddling activities. Meanwhile, a police team led by Sub-Inspector of Belhi post seized 17 kg. of marijuana. According to the police, smugglers threw the packets and crossed the boarder when they felt themselves chasing. Considering the rise in incidents of smuggling of prohibited drugs, police have increased the security checks in Balan Bihul.

    • Publish Date June 6, 1962
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    • Manoj Banaita
  • Australia interested to invest in solar energy production in Nepal

    Kathmandu, July 24/ Australian Ambassador to Nepal Peter Budd says Australian investors are interested to work in solar energy production sector in Nepal. During a meeting with Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Barsha Man Pun at the Ministry today, the Ambassador expressed his interest as Pun said Nepal has a huge possibility of energy generation but needs investment and technical support from its development partners. In response, the Ambassador said his government was ready to provide technical assistance and human resources to Nepali hydropower projects so as to support

    • Publish Date November 9, 1961
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  • As NEA starts earning profit, staff lobby for bonus

    Kathmandu, July 24/ Staff of Nepal Electricity Authority, the state-owned electricity producer, manager and distributor, have demanded that they be provided with a hefty bonus as the entity began earning profit after a long time. The official trade union of the Authority has recently submitted a letter to the Authority’s Managing Director Kul Man Ghising demanding that all the staff be provided with the bonus, equal to their one month pay, on the occasion of its 33rd anniversary being celebrated after few days. The letter signed by the trade union’s Chairman Janardan Bhattarai ar

    • Publish Date November 9, 1961
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  • Foreign employment fraud: Govt receives 2,129 complaints in one year

    Kathmandu, July 24/ The Department of Foreign Employment says it has received as many as 2,129 complaints about fraud cases with assurances of foreign employment in the recently concluded fiscal year 2017/18 (from mid-July 2017 to mid-July 2018). The complainants have claimed that they have been deceived of Rs 1.522 billion in total. In the previous year, the number of complaints was more than the number recorded in 2017/18. However, the amount the victims were defrauded of is significantly more in the later year. In 2016/17, the money that the victims they claimed to have lost was just Rs 7

    • Publish Date November 9, 1961
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  • Traffic police launch crackdown on Kathmandu cabs after cheating complaints

    Kathmandu, July 24/ The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division says it has launched a crackdown on taxis and private light vehicles providing rental services, after it received complaints galore that they cheated customers. The Division has mobilised police in civvies and total 57 vehicles have been booked for overcharging passengers in past one week. Each of the vehicles providing services to passengers going to and from Tribhuvan International Airport have been fined Rs 3,000. The Division’s spokesperson, SP Surendra Prasad Mainali, says the Division decided to mobilise plainclothes c

    • Publish Date November 9, 1961
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  • Minor problems will get resolved easily: PM Oli

    Kathmandu, July 24/ Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that the minor problems surfacing in the country would be resolved easily. Speaking at a programme organized to give away the awards founded by Chinnalata Guthi here in the capital today, Prime Minister Oli said that he will realize the public mandate of making a prosperous Nepal as he was elected to the post for the same. He also stressed on transparent and effective works. He also committed supporting the development of arts and literature in the country. Various personalities have been honored with Chhinnalata Award-2074 BS on Mon

    • Publish Date November 9, 1961
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